Arvida & HEPP

What is HEPP?

HEPP is the abbreviation of hydroelectric power plant. Hydroelectricity is the term referring to electricity generated by hydro power; the production of electrical power through the use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water.

What is SAP?

Sap is the fluid which circulates in the vascular system of a plant, consisting chiefly of water with dissolved sugars and mineral salts. It is crucial at the balance for flora and fauna.

What is the conventional HEPP?

Conventional hydro power refers to the use of dams or impoundments to store water in a reservoir; water released from the reservoir flows through a turbine to generate electricity.

What is open channel system HEPP?

Unlike Conventional systems,open channel systems are the HEPPs which the water is carried by open channels (at atmospheric pressure).

What is the Archimedean Screw?

The Archimedean screw is an ancient invention, attributed to Archimedes of Syracuse (287–212 BC.), and commonly used to raise water from a watercourse for irrigation purposes. The system is based on the Archimedian screw principle and is used as a water engine for small water power plants working with a synchronic generator directly into a network. It is used for small water heads and inconstant water flow.

Hydrodynamic screw can be used as an additional motor to existing turbines (Banki, Kaplan) using the energy of spillways.

Why Archimedean Screw?

An Archimedean screw is an open channel system, there is no need to separate water from riverbed which, is Eco-friendly electricity generation.

Maximizing the electricity generation potential of rivers where conventional HEPP’s are not feasible. Even minimal potentials like 1 kW can be utilized.


What is Arvida?

ArvidaTM  is a trade mark from HİDROTURBIN which stands for Archimedean screw micro HEPP.

How Arvida works?

Arvida works in or near to the river bed for the discharges between 0,1-10 m3/s and 1-10m heads. Because of the potential of fluid the screw rotates and generates electricity through  the generator.

Where can Arvida be used?

Arvida can work in a river or contaminated water like waste water at 0,1 m3/s – 10m3/s discharge and 1-10 m head range.

ArvidaTM, is applicable in vast variety of fields. Some of them are;

  • Utilizing potential of rivers where conventional HEPP’s are not feasible. Even minimal potentials like 1 kW can be utilized.
  • Any part of river where there is no possibility to convey water by any means.
  • Any part of river where separating water from its course is restricted.
  • To the tail waters of conventional HEPP’s, especially one’s with pelton turbines.
  • Replacement for unused or old water-wheels.
  • To all spillways, embarkations and similar water structures.
  • Under the bridges.
  • Exit of the treatment plants.
  • Any facility that uses high amount of water for cooling, cleaning or washing. (Thermal Power Plants, Sugar Factories, Iron-Steel Factories, etc.)
  • In any water channels that is built for irrigation or for any other purpose.
  • In remote areas like mountain villages and forests, which do not have access to the grid.
  • Replacement for relatively low capacity HEPP’s turbine that require reconditioning.
  • Any place where the application of the system is technicality possible.
After demand, How long does it take for operation of Arvida?

Hidrotürbin is projected to generate electricity in a short span of time like 6 months* only after the detailed feasibility study.

What is the operational advantages of Arvida?

Arvida is easy in terms of application, installation and operation with no pressured pipes which ensures  high operational security. However, the system does not require refining due to a turbine design which does not allow precipitation.

What are the requirements for maintenance of Arvida?

The dynamic equipment and lubrication system consists of maintenance requirements. Thanks to  the crucial design to work  under difficult conditions, there is no top art replacement needed for  at least 30 years*.

*Due to static and fluid analysis at R&D processes.

Arvida ile ürettiğim elektriği nerde kullanabilirim?

Arvida ile ürettiğiniz elektriği dilerseniz şebekeye bağlayıp (grid-tied) kendi tüketiminizden fazlasını bölge elektrik dağıtım şirketine YEK destekleme mekanizmasının belirlemiş olduğu fiyat üzerinden satabilirsiniz ya da şebekeden ayrı (off-grid) olarak tüm elektrikli cihazlarınızı bağlayarak kendi tüketiminizde kullanabilirsiniz.

What are the different types of Arvida?

Arvida can be produced with concrete or steel bedded opening or closed casing.

What is the efficiency of Arvida?

The turbine efficiency of Arvida is 84%. Arvida can operate at 30 %-115% design discharge rates without losing major efficiency.