About Us

   Hidroturbin was founded in METU-KOSGEB TEKMER by Middle East Technical University graduated engineers whom gained years of experience in the private energy sector. Therefore, these entrepreneurs collaborated in order to search for innovative and alternative technological ideas with regard to renewable energy are. Their founding led them to be recognized and gain local governmental support. Hidroturbin has been supported since the beginning of 2013, by government organization KOSGEB (which stands for: Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization). This collaboration caused the project to be titled: "Hydrodynamic Screw in Renewable/Alternative Energy Generation". Hidroturbin started to do R&D activities within the same year. Firstly, in the area of hydrodynamic screws. Hydrodynamic screws have recently been used in reverse operation to generate electricity, but the question remains in how can it be used more and especially, more efficiently. The engineer team of Hidroturbin consists out of Electrical & Electronics, Mechanical and Civil engineers whom all have remarkable experience within the field of energy. With this powerful and hard-working team, Hidroturbin aims to be a pilot company in Turkey with regard to micro, mini and small hydro power plants.

Our Vision;
   Is to keep establishing continuous research based on: innovative and productive engineering styles by using our professional and educational background so, that our engineering team maximizes (and optimizes) their experience and analytical skills.

Our Mission;
   Is to contribute the total know-how and developmental skills as a research (and pilot) group in new and alternative technologies with regard to the renewable energy field.